Pulmonx Introduces Latest Product Offerings at 2013 European Respiratory Society Annual Congress

  • On September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013, Barcelona, Spain – Pulmonx, an emerging leader in interventional pulmonology, is unveiling two new products at the 23rd Annual Congress of the ERS. The first, the 4.0-J EDC is a J-shaped Endobronchial Delivery Catheter specifically designed to maintain maximum bronchoscope articulation while inserted in its working channel. This feature facilitates treatment of hard-to-reach segments that were more difficult to access with the current version of the 4.0 EDC. The new 4.0-J EDC is compatible with the standard Zephyr® 4.0 Endobronchial Valve (EBV) as well as the recently introduced Zephyr® 4.0 LP EBV designed for short bronchial segments or sub-segments. Both new products are designed to enhance deliverability in patients with difficult anatomy that will result in the effective treatment of a larger number of eligible patients.

The Zephyr® EBV is a minimally invasive device intended to treat patients with emphysema. Emphysema patients suffer from hyperinflation, an increase in volume of the diseased portions of their lungs, which then compresses the healthier areas.

The Zephyr® EBV therapy involves bronchoscopic placement of one-way valves designed to reduce the hyperinflation in the diseased portion of the lungs, thereby improving the ability of the healthier portions of the lungs to function.

Pulmonx is also showcasing the next version of the Chartis Pulmonary Assessment System. The latest Chartis includes a new Ventilator Mode which offers users the added capability to conduct Collateral Ventilation (CV) assessments with the patient under mechanical ventilation, in addition to spontaneous respiration within the Standard Mode which preserves the features that current users rely on. The option to choose between the Standard mode of assessment and the Ventilator mode of assessment is available on multiple screens to make the physician experience seamless and easy. The updated Chartis also features an enhanced graphical user interface which includes a German language option, better screen to screen navigation, and assessment of CV within the segments of each lobe. These new products will be rolled out in Europe and selected markets throughout the world over the coming months.

About Zephyr®

The Zephyr® EBV received the CE Mark in 2003. Since becoming commercially available in Europe and select countries worldwide, the company estimates that it has been used to treat over 6,300 patients, over 40 percent of whom have been treated in the last 12 months.

About Chartis

The Pulmonx Chartis Pulmonary Assessment System provides pulmonologists with lobe-specific information about a patient’s lung, enabling physicians to plan valve treatments to account for anatomical variations in the lungs of individual patients which impact the effectiveness of the valves. The addition of the Pulmonx Chartis assessment now ensures that a very high percent of treated patients will experience benefit from EBV treatment.

About Pulmonx

Pulmonx, based in Redwood City, California, and Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is focused on developing and marketing minimally invasive medical devices and technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary disorders.


The Zephyr® EBV is an investigational device in the United States. Limited by U.S. law to investigational use.